Why Love Guelph?

Dated: February 13 2022

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It's quite simple actually.  I love my hometown of Guelph and hope that everyone else does. 

Spending the first 27 years of my career working in the Advertising Department at the Guelph Mercury, most of that time helping Realtors market homes for sale in our community and advertisers gain access to our readers. I quickly learned to not just enjoy my hometown but to love it for a variety of reasons.

Those days at the Guelph Mercury allowed me to learn from and enjoy some mentoring from some of Guelph's long-standing business people.  Whether it was a Realtor, a Builder, or a downtown merchant, I enjoyed listening to both the history and notoriety of our community, and these interactions helped shape my growth as well as my understanding of our community.

During my time at the Guelph Mercury, my desire to contribute to our community was fostered, allowing me to volunteer for various causes and events that help make our community what it is today.  Having sat as the Vice-Chair of the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, I learned that Guelph is one of the most philanthropic communities in Canada. 

Another local initiative that is dear to my heart is the movement to build supportive housing. As a Realtor, it's important that I understand what a privilege it is to own a home when there are many in our community that don't even have a safe housing solution day to day.  The United Way of Guelph Wellington is providing a collaborative approach to fundraising for several projects locally to provide a safe, secure, and supportive housing solution for some of our neighbours.  These speak to what a caring and nurturing community we have.    

Guelph has history, it has some of the most caring individuals you could find anywhere, it has businesses that believe that in order to be successful, you need to take care of your community, and it has that playful mischievous side that makes it interesting too. 

All of these things have given me the experience and passion to help people love our community and find their home here.   I hope you #LoveGuelph too!


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Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett knows Guelph as well as he knows his own backyard. In fact, you could say that this city IS Michael’s backyard. Born and raised here, Michael has developed a passion for Guelph, its ....

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  • Posted by helmfried
    Hallo Mr. Michael Bennett, we walked by 48 Walnut Dr. the other day and saw a FOR SALE sign, with a "coming soon" note. Could you kindly give us some information on this property. We like the location a lot. Best way to communicate would be by e-mail at this point Thank you so much, Helmfried Muller helmfried@hotmail.com.

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Why Love Guelph?

It's quite simple actually.  I love my hometown of Guelph and hope that everyone else does. Spending the first 27 years of my career working in the Advertising Department at the Guelph

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