Taking the Time to Save

Dated: December 30 2020

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Banking and Bills Clean up

The period between Christmas and New Years' often leaves a lot of us with some extra time on our hands.  In the case of 2020, that extra time is highlighted by a provincial lockdown in light of the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

For months now, I've told myself that I was going to sit down and review all the little things I pay for that I never use.  Things like Apple TV+, and add-ons to my cell phone plan.  This week I'm on a mission to tackle this task, and I thought I would share with you, some of my tactics.  

Go to your bank online, or grab paper copies of your bank/credit card statements, and line by line make a list of calls you need to make.  I prioritized the items with a 1, 2, 3 system with 1 being items to call and cancel.  I started with a New York Times subscription that I never used but was costing me $9.04/month.  Cancelling it saved me $108/year.

As a Realtor, my mobile phone is basically my mobile desk/office.  All of my phone calls automatically go to it, as well as e-mail along with social media and other contact tools.  It's also how I can take vacations with less stress, knowing I'm still on top of things at home.  Mobile phone and data is also a pretty big line item on my annual budget. So, priority 2 items are things you need to renegotiate.  Things like your cell phone, internet, and cable plans can have significant savings if you bundle them, or review, renegotiate and purchase only what you need.  So far I've realized that I can save about $25/month for the exact same plan as I currently have.  

Items I prioritized as #3 are things that require a little investigation.  Are you and other members of your household paying for the same things? In our case, there are two Netflix accounts and other items that we both pay for, and with some investigation can save a little here and there.  Netflix for example is $14.99 per month for 2 devices, and 1080p service.  Some investigation on Netflix's website leads us to the conclusion that we can pay $18.99 for 4 devices and get 4K streaming.  In all, we can save about $11.00 per month and improve our picture quality.  (Make sure you have unlimited data on your home internet first)

While doing this review, there are some items that can't be changed until contracts are up so I made note of them in my calendar to remind me closer to the time to act on them.  So far my partner and I have saved over $700 a year, just by reviewing what we are paying for each month.  

Good Luck and happy saving.

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