Coffee and the art of finding a home!

Dated: August 4 2020

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While Realtors such as myself use many tools to find the right home for our clients, certain tools are often undervalued.  Coffee, of course, is taken for granted because we start each day with one.  Some would say it's an addiction, I just say you don't want to see me before I've enjoyed my morning coffee.

Now, the point of this blog isn't entirely about coffee. In the process of finding a home, there are many variables to consider.  Items such as price, style, size, backyard, and walk score are just a few of the hundreds of variables that every family considers when narrowing down the house they want to call home.  From watching and listening to reactions as people view homes, as Realtors, we become good at picking up on what the important items are.  

What is hard for us to learn is how does the neighbourhood or town feels to you!  When looking in different neighbourhoods, towns, and villages how it feels is often overlooked and leads to people being unhappy about the decision they've made. Does it feel like home or, just a nice place to visit?  You will notice this more in small towns than neighbourhoods, but they both have the same effect.  Are you looking for a place where people smile and say hello while walking down the street, or a community where no one knows your name?  These are the intangibles that you can discover with the help of coffee. 

Do you think Fergus, Elora, Rockwood, or Guelph might be nice places to live?  It's the summer, go for a drive, find a parking spot downtown and walk until you find a nice cafe to stop and have a coffee.  No take out or drive-thru coffee for this adventure. You need to sit, enjoy and observe over the top of your phone, or over your companion's shoulder to see how others are interacting.  Are people friendly and engaged, or distant and grumpy?  Do you hear spirited political discussions with engaged community members or just grumbling unhappy people?  After doing this a few times, you will quickly learn which community is the one for you.

One other tool that I can help you with is a drivetime search for homes listed for sale.  If your search is as complex as finding a community 45 minutes from your work, 2 hours from your parents' place, or 30 minutes to your grandchildren's place, I have the tools to arrange your search with those criteria in mind.  Then it's just up to you to go enjoy a coffee (or tea) and decide where your next home will be.

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